Grand Knowing You

I am endeavoring. To launch myself. To get myself out there. And I was once. I was out there, singing, doing the me thing. Then I had kids. Cliche. Perhaps. But it has been and still is about them. I love it, being a mom. But I am supposed to put myself out there and be positive about me while always putting them first so that I can make money to one again, yes, put them first. What a tangled web … Or something.

Now, I have to sing, teach, make money, lead, mother, be the amazing me that I owe it to my amazing parents to be. Oh, help.

Aside: I remember a favorite line from a favorite movie – “Oh, help.” Courtesy of Maria Von Trapp, pre Von Trapp. She meets the kids, wants to help them and in a pseudo-prayer to the heavens and in part to her self says, “Oh, help.” I related then and relate now.

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Hi! I am a vocalist and a mother of two, a preschool teacher, and a wannabe theater manager. We shall see! What will I be when I grow up?!!