Why FB? I asked the little bird. The little bird hasn’t tweeted yet.

fat little bird


So I thought we were all getting along just fine.  And then there was Myspace.  I got that figured out (finally) and then I had to get on board with facebook.  Okay, I am friended! And I am even liked and like things ( I shouldn’t).   But now in order to stay hip or with it or cool (or whatever I am trying to do) I have to tweet and blog.  Getting that figured out (check!) and now in order to work, apparently I also have to  linkn, elance, and tweak my own web site so I can use adwords and adsense from google!  Whew!  How do people find the time much less the online time?  I actually have very good friends (no names) who I regularly forgive for facebook updating and tweaking tweets while lunching with me.  It is normal and par for the online, social-mediaing (new words all over the place because of all this too.  Have you noticed?  Has your phone accepted the word “texted” yet?  Mine hasn’t.  But that is because it is over three years old.) course.

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Hi! I am a vocalist and a mother of two, a preschool teacher, and a wannabe theater manager. We shall see! What will I be when I grow up?!!