Marina Bina, the “Bean” as in Kidney, of Course (thanks Cici)

So here you are. You found me. It is high time I write something here. This is my page on the very fancy, highly acclaimed (at least within the family), Admittedly, I have been a slacker when it comes to updating my pages, dashboards, albums, facebook pictures or any other collections created for posterity.
I will sincerely try to return, upload, attach and show you photos and immediate family updates as often as possible.

Not only do I feel I owe it to my children to remain dutiful in the area of online and hard copy photo sharing and journaling; I also owe it to my dear family. They really don’t get a fair share of their close relatives who live so far away (so sorry!).

I ask for your forgiveness in advance for my tendency to ramble on all things related to my children. They are the very heart of me. I will endeavor to make my reports brief and to the point.

And off we go!

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Hi! I am a vocalist and a mother of two, a preschool teacher, and a wannabe theater manager. We shall see! What will I be when I grow up?!!